The Store


My Urbex wall art is a perfect timeless interior decor for home, office or hotel rooms.
All the wall decors are unique works, captured with a lot of effort. There is also an interesting story behind every photo. The store is small and exclusive, and the art you buy is manufactured on demand in Sweden.


Living Hostel

Probably the most mesmerising place I have seen in Sweden. During a trip we went through a village with about 1000 inhabitants. Behind tall trees I saw shadows of a large and unexpected building, which turned out to be a hostel. We entered literally through a door and were met by grass and moss-covered walls and ceilings. On the second floor we found this both creepy and beautiful room.

€ 790.00


The Truck

One of my best shots so far. I heard a rumor that a truck was hidden at a sawmill in Sweden. We went to the site and after 3 hours of exploration we found it inside a garage. It took us about 20 more minutes to get in, and it was so worth it. The photo is taken by opening the broken and padlocked door as much as possible. The truck model is a Scania Vabis L56, with a crane.

€ 850.00


Red Chair

Near one of Sweden's largest lakes, is an abandoned mental hospital that is said to be controlled by people from the east. Rumors like this made us undoubtedly go there and explore the place. Almost every building in the area is damaged by rain and mold. This lonely chair was found on the top floor in a building that seemed to be an old school. The moment was given to capture it on photo.

€ 400.00


Living Room

Hidden behind bushes this abandoned house is located in the middle of a Swedish luxury residential area. The nearest neighbor lives only 20 meters away, but that didn't stopped me from exploring. Adjacent to the entrance hall, I found this living room, which in addition to an armchair also contains a grand piano, retro radio and an old TV.

€ 650.00



The first time I visited this shelter I was a child, and had no idea what Urbex was. A few decades later, I passed went through the village again and chose to explore this places one more time. It looked like I remembered it but was destroyed due to a fire a few years ago. It's totally black in here and the air is bad, but I still wanted to spend time capturing history from back in the days.

€ 550.00



During a full day of exploration, in the western forests of Portugal, I was walking in wind and rain. It was like being in a horror movie, completely silent, foggy and a feeling that anything could appear in front of me. But it was also beautiful and I really enjoyed the vibe. That's why I prioritized taking this deep photo.

€ 350.00



I believe in personal contact, which means that I only accept orders via email. You write to me which wall art you want to buy, and I will get back to you with the information you need to complete the purchase.

The glass on the front is made of acrylic, which gives less reflections, improved UV protection and is more durable than ordinary glass. The back of the board is sealed with tape to prevent dust and dirt from penetrating. All paintings are FSC-certified, 100% acid-free and will not discolour or fade over time.

Each wall art is delivered pre-assembled, ready to decorate your wall.


Art should be visible. All works have the dimensions of 100x70 cm. The frame width is 20 mm, and the depth is 24 mm.
The watermark is not printed on the art you are buying.


The photo is printed on an uncoated premium paper from Hahnemühle, that gives a nice, matte impression. The frame is made of wood.


To order a wall art you send me an email to: art[at] Don't forget to write all the relevant information needed for the art to find its way to you.


World wide shipping is included in the price. Normally the art is sent within 3 days after payment is received.